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We're Partnering with Catalyst @ Penn GSE

I’ve got some big news! I am beyond thrilled to announce we are partnering with Penn GSE to be a part of their new Catapult Content Hub.

This hub will truly be one of the best tools for entrepreneurs to see what “breakers” across the education industry are accomplishing and providing the framework for others to chase after their own goals. It’s easy to get burnt out with never-ending entrepreneur grind, but hearing how others have handled setbacks with authenticity and a little grace for themselves can make all the difference when it comes to tapping into resilience.

Catapult will feature “Breaking the Grade” on this fantastic new content hub and I’m excited to see how these stories and interviews with groundbreaking disruptors can help shape the lives and trajectory of so many others.

Hosted by yours truly, Josh Chernikoff, and John Gamba, Breaking the Grade is a thought-provoking podcast that follows entrepreneurs in the education space as they make their way to the top. Tune in for stories about breaking norms, introducing new ideas, and shaping our future society through every lesson learned.

I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity to partner with Catapult and Penn GSE. Please stay tuned for great updates.

As always, if you’re interested in working with me to build your business and connect you with the right teams to make big “breaker” moves in education then don’t hesitate to reach out.



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