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As a former CEO I successfully started, scaled and sold two education companies where my main focus was lead generation.

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These programs achieved triple-digit growth, created caring communities, received noteworthy press across multiple news outlets, and featured the latest innovative technologies pivotal for growth. 

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How did I achieve the dream in the education space without an Education or Business degree? What’s the secret to my lead generation success?

It took a lot of failures before landing on the key:

I learned who my ideal client was.

After years of running my own businesses and advising others - both pre-revenue start-ups and multi-million dollars companies, I can tell you from experience that most of them do not know their ideal client.

But here's the thing. It's not enough to just know WHO they are. You have to know where to find them. How to get in front of them. And what they need to hear from you to want to work with you and only you.


And that cornerstone inside, has informed my own successes time and time again, and it's the same approach I use with my private clients to help them generate leads on repeat.


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Breaking The Grade

Josh cohosts the Breaking the Grade podcast that follows entrepreneurs as they transform learning, advance equity and impact in the global education space.


Tune in for stories about breaking norms, introducing new ideas, and shaping our future through every lesson learned.

Now my mission is to do the same for you. 

Whether through the EdSales Elevation Course or the Lead Generation Agency, I can help:

Identify your ideal client

Establish your reputation as a thought leader

Build your signature solution

Create a customized lead generation engine suited for your needs

and Automate & Scale It!



I’ve been where you are.  
I can help you do what I’ve done. 



Join the growing list of Ed-preneurs converting high quality leads from working with Josh

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