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If you’re an education founder who wants to meet with an education exiter,

Book A Session Today To… 

Generate more high-value leads in the education space

Convert leads into customers

Assess where your starting
line is

Level the playing field between you and your competitors in the edtech space

Identify strategies to find more prospects

Apply what you’ve learned
to become an ed-preneur expert yourself

On the call, I will:

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Provide an initial gap analysis overview

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Uncover the holes in your existing pipeline

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Identify opportunities to strengthen or repair your pipeline

Recommend which program suits your needs


Our Programs are a great fit for you if:

Generate more high-value leads in the education space

Convert leads into customers

Assess where your starting
line is

Level the playing field between you and your competitors in the edtech space

Hear what our previous clients say about Josh

John Gamba Head Shot.jpeg

John Gamba, CEO

Josh is the consummate professional;  visionary, yet practical. Passionate yet measured. Disciplined, yet ready to adapt and pivot in a moment's notice. I would recommend Josh for anyone looking for senior strategic advice and focused execution, especially in Edtech, where things continue to change and evolve due to turbulent and transcendent market forces

IA - 2020.jpeg

Isaak Aronson, CEO

I have known Josh for nearly 20 years. We have collaborated on several projects together. He is an excellent business coach, mentor, and negotiator. His knowledge of the education industry and insights reveal opportunities for business development and growth. Further, his interpersonal skills make him an excellent mentor/coach for entrepreneurs, particularly in the education sector.

Donna Krache Headshot 2021- small.heic

Donna Krache, CEO

Joshua Chernikoff is a man of many talents. He’s an accomplished, former start-up CEO who knows how to establish, promote and operate successful businesses. He’s also an experienced journalist with superior interviewing and on-air skills. He’s a visionary who sees the big picture and implements a plan that is focused and capitalizes on his team’s strengths. Collaborating with Josh has always been a positive, energizing experience, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.


Michael Fay, CEO

I have had the good fortune of working with Josh in several capacities over the past several years. In that time, I’ve observed his commitment to people, willingness to face challenges head-on, and being one step ahead with new ideas in the education space. However, his most striking leadership quality is the confidence and ability to find good people and then let them work. Josh is always there to support but strongly believes in the notion of surrounding himself with smart people and then letting them do what they do best.


Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 21.58.27.png

Josh’s leadership and vision never cease to inspire me. He has the perfect combination of soft and hard skills, which is crucial nowadays when it comes to taking a business to the next level. He’s an excellent communicator with amazing marketing skills and a keen eye for good design. Not only does he possess tremendous insights into what’s working and what’s not in a business, but he also has a deep understanding of how to move things forward. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be working with him!

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Josh Chernikoff

Josh Chernikoff is a two-time founder/CEO, now business coach specializing in ideal client identification and lead generation. He started, built to scale, and then sold two companies in the Education space over the last decade. He has been a featured speaker at StartEd, UPenn’s Graduate School of Education, a business competition judge, and my companies have been spotlighted on NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS.

He helps other companies in the education space identify their ideal clients and establish  leads that convert. He knows from experience what it takes to take the next steps that lead to revenue growth and have developed two, sure-fire programs to reach your goals.

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If you’re serious about converting more opportunities, building a growth engine, and systemizing success, then you could get hands-on help from me and my team.

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