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EdSales Elevation Experience: Build Meaningful Relationships With B2B Buyers in the Education Space

Selling to educators isn't a walk in the park. While you can get many leads, getting high-quality leads isn't straightforward. Fortunately, there's an effective way to get excellent leads that convert to customers.

In partnership with Next, our team at the EdSales Education Experience created a webinar that guides B2B buyers in the education space through a tried and tested way to generate high-quality leads and build meaningful relationships. John Gamba, our co-host from Breaking the Grade, also joined the conversation to share his invaluable insights.

The Three Pillars of Lead Generation

Do you want to generate leads in record time, generate high-quality leads, convert leads into customers quicker, and level the playing field between you and your competitors? I'm sure you do. If you want to do all these things, here are my three pillars of lead generation that can help you generate leads effectively:

1. Evaluate

Your offering won't attract quality leads if you don't evaluate it to determine its effectiveness. So, first, you must assess your offering. How do you evaluate your offering? Well, here are three key things you should do:

  • Identify your ideal client: Could a spray and pray formula generate leads? Sure. But it won’t generate high-quality leads. That’s why it’s essential to identify your ideal client. If you identify your ideal client, you’ll know the right people to target and be more likely to attract great leads that convert to customers.

  • Create a million-dollar message: Craft a compelling message that stops prospects in their tracks. If you create a million-dollar message, you’ll differentiate your offering from others and stand out from competitors. For instance, you could say, ‘’I help companies in the education space get 800 new qualified B2B leads in eight weeks through my EdSales Elevation Experience.’’

  • Give your LinkedIn profile a makeover: Your CV can tell prospects a lot about your skills and experience. But it won’t tell them why they should be interested in your offering. That’s why you shouldn’t use your LinkedIn profile to rehash your CV. Instead, you should use it as a sales page. If you transform your LinkedIn profile from a CV into an absorbing sales page, you’ll generate high-quality leads. For instance, you could use your About section to outline your offerings rather than just including your job title.

2. Excavate

Once you've evaluated your offering, you must excavate. Here's what you should do at this stage:

  • Raise your hand: Listen to your clients. Don’t hard sell to them. Remember, clients feel valued by people who try to understand their pain points. So, listen to your clients and put yourself in their shoes. If you do, you’ll boost your chances of landing high-quality leads.

  • Provide your signature solution: Package and position what you do or offer. Don’t provide a generic solution. If you provide a custom solution relevant to your client’s needs, you’ll stand out on the market and increase your likelihood of getting high-quality leads.

  • Demonstrate credibility: Clients don’t just buy any product or service. They purchase products and services that yield results. To attract high-quality leads, you must provide prospects with tangible results. Testimonials are one great way to demonstrate credibility.

3. Elevate

Last but not least, as your clientele grows, you'll certainly want to scale. Here's what you can do to elevate:

  • Develop a sales engine: Identify and use a sales engine suitable for your needs, such as email, shows, or LinkedIn. If you use an effective sales engine, you can nurture relationships with clients and get high-quality leads. For instance, shows are an excellent way to interact with clients one-one and build rapport.

  • Get qualified leads: Taking leads from warm to cold is undoubtedly the most crucial part of the elevation process. That’s why it’s vital to qualify leads. Lead qualification can allow you to determine whether prospects are likely to convert to customers. Leverage customer relationship management (CRM) tools like HubSpot and Salesforce to determine whether leads will likely convert into customers.

  • Scale: Once you have a healthy pipeline, keeping up with multiple clients can become challenging. That’s where automation comes in. Automating your workflow will save time, boost productivity, and help you generate leads 24/7. Leverage CRM software to automate your workflow.

We close with an awesome shout-out to the incredible team led by Shulman Rogers and Lisa Friedlander! These geniuses worked together to make this webinar a reality, and we can't thank them enough. Prepare for an incredible collaboration that is just getting started.

Do you yearn for education and success? Follow my LinkedIn page, your ultimate destination for all future webinars and a place to harness the potential of high-quality leads. Don't miss out!



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