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Brindala Mallappa: Live Your Life Safely With GuardOn | How I Broke That

How I Broke That meets with Brindala Mallappa, the co-founder of GuardOn. Brindala shares how she comes from a family of female trailblazers. Her mother was one of seven daughters. All of them became successful women in India, a scarce thing at the time. One of her mother's sisters was the first female speaker at the state assembly in all of Asia Another aunt was the first woman doctor to conduct the first successful test tube baby in India.

Breaking barriers and paving the way for women in politics. Another aunt achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first female doctor to conduct a test tube baby procedure in India successfully. These remarkable achievements highlight the determination and resilience of women in Brindala's family, who have left a lasting impact on their respective fields.

Raising a Family: Nurturing Wisdom and Independence

We delve into Brindala's perspectives on raising a family. Growing up with a solid feminist attitude, Brindala emphasizes the importance of instilling wisdom and making good choices in her parenting approach. She discusses how she modified her parenting skills to prioritize intelligence, enabling her daughter to make wise decisions. Brindala believes in a balanced approach to equality, where fathers encourage performance and success while mothers emphasize the significance of self-care and being mentally in a good place.

Brindala believes in a balanced approach to equality, where fathers encourage health and wealth while mothers emphasize the significance of self-care and being mentally in a good place.

Horrific Incident in India: Addressing Violence against Women

In the third section, we address a horrific incident in India that deeply affected Brindala. She recounts the harrowing story of a girl who went to the movies with her boyfriend, boarded a private bus, and fell victim to a gang rape that tragically led to her death. Brindala highlights the alarming frequency of such incidents worldwide, emphasizing that women are becoming statistics in a society where criminals have nothing to lose. Brindala expresses her dissatisfaction with the reactive approach of passing laws only after such incidents occur, stressing the need for proactive measures to prevent such atrocities.

A Health Scare Turned Positive

Brindala shared a life-altering experience she had at the age of 57 when she discovered the need for pre-emptive angioplasty. An angiogram revealed the presence of two blocks, prompting her to take immediate action in the form of a stent placement to prevent further deterioration.

This health scare served as a catalyst for Brindala's introspection, causing her to reevaluate her priorities and embark on a transformative spiritual journey. The incident not only prompted personal growth but also instilled in her a profound desire to give back to her community, as she realized the importance of making a positive impact in the lives of others.

GuardOn: Empowering Women's Safety with Technology

Brindala has worked on spreading awareness since 1991. The mobile app, GuardOn, is Brindala's first project, which she has considered her "first child". Brindala describes the vulnerability women face and the importance of being aware of their surroundings and relying on their instincts for safety. She introduces GuardOn, which offers various safety features at an affordable price, even for free. Brindala mentions the Custom ICE (In Case of Emergency) feature and the Safety Shield, which allows users to hold their finger on the screen until they feel safe.

The app also includes voice activation capabilities. Brindala believes that technology can save lives, and she has assembled a team at GuardOn dedicated to researching and implementing the latest and most effective safety technologies for cell phones. The importance of this app is crucial for anyone who feels targeted, such as senior citizens and the LGBTQ community.

Additionally, Brindala highlights GuardOn's relevance in the workplace, emphasizing the priority of employee well-being, especially in the context of remote work, where health checks and support are crucial to ensuring their safety and mental health. GuardOn aims to empower anyone who feels like a potential target, providing them with a sense of security and peace of mind.



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