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An Old Business Partner and a New Business Venture — Overtime Athletics

I’ve spent many years working in the kids' enrichment space, and it’ll always have a piece of my heart. I spent a long time working alongside Michael Fay, too — former CFO of Flex Academies, and the incredible leader who purchased the company from me when my time came to step away.

Now, I have the chance to return to the enrichment space alongside Michael in a venture that fits us perfectly— the Overtime Athletics franchise. We’ve made the purchase, and we’re looking forward to benefiting enrichment businesses and kids alike in DC, New Jersey, and Virginia schools as soon as this winter.

About Overtime Athletics

Overtime Athletics has two main benefits — it helps enrichment businesses easily serve local schools, and it provides students with an engaging, movement-based afterschool activity to keep them entertained and having fun until their parents get off work.

Programming is mostly offered after school and in camp format throughout the summer, as well as on days off, during holiday breaks, and for birthday parties. It serves children 5-13 years old.

What Michael and I Bring to the Table

This opportunity is a perfect fit for us because we know the field, and the organization itself, well. We worked alongside former owners Chris Whelan and Chris Horich for many years, providing enrichment of our own in nearby locations.

We also know how to build relationships with PTAs, schools, and other educational facilities, as it’s something we’ve been doing throughout Flex’s entire existence. We’re excited to partner up and do what we know best — help high-quality enrichment companies serve the kids —and parents— who need it most.



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