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Selling to educators is tough. They're hard to find and when you do find them, they don't have the time or energy for a sales pitch.

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We Help You Get More High Converting Leads

If you're ready to grow a steady sales pipeline, built with experience in the ed space, then let's talk.

So every sales lead becomes so precious you don't want to mess it up by saying the wrong thing. 

Then again, how can you grow a business if every lead takes up your whole day? 

Where's the scale in that?


Josh Chernikoff

I’m a two-time founder/CEO, now business coach specializing in ideal client identification and lead generation. I’ve started, built to scale, and then sold two companies in the Education space over the last decade. I’ve been a featured speaker at StartEd, UPenn’s Graduate School of Education, a business competition judge, and my companies have been spotlighted on NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS.

I help other companies in the education space identify their ideal clients and establish  leads that convert. I know from experience what it takes to take the next steps that lead to revenue growth and have developed two, sure-fire programs to reach your goals.

Our lead generation system focuses on three core essentials that brings in new clients consistently.

3 Essentials For Successful Lead Generation That Turns Into Paying Clients

Targeting your ideal client - not just any lead - but leads that convert.

Demonstrating your thought leadership in the ed space - so that you stand out from your competition.

Presenting an irresistible offer that school districts and decision makers can't walk away from.

Lead generation isn't one size fits-all. That's why we build custom lead generation engines. So you have a pipeline of high-quality, high-converting leads.

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Book a session with Josh that will get your lead generation growth pointing in the right direction

even if you do not sign up for one of our proven programs 


Get a head start with converting your leads 

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See Ed Sales Elevation in Action. Watch Josh and his co-host John Gamba review the most important elements of lead generation in the ed space. Start using these tips today.

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Join the Growing Client List of Ambitious Education Founders

Two Ways That I Can Help for optimal growth:

Do it yourself

For no matter what stage you’re in…

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EdSales Elevation Experience

Join a self-guided, 8-week course designed to level up your lead generation game plus a weekly group discussion with Josh Chernikoff and guest ed-tech  speakers and entrepreneurs.

Do it yourself

For Ed-preneurs and CEOs, we take lead generation off your plate and into our capable hands.

We partner with your marketing team to generate leads on your team's behalf.

EdSales Growth Agency

Done for you


Ready to Unlock Your Growth

If you’re serious about converting more opportunities, building a growth engine, and systemizing success, then you could get hands-on help from me and my team.

Book a Growth Session with Josh to learn more about our methodology, discover more about your growth opportunity and a brief action plan to get you headed in the right direction asap

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