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Why you need a signature solution if you want to get more leads and close sales with more ease!

(Using your signature solution to stand out online and clearly communicate your value)

I often chat with EdTech founders who find it hard to explain why their products or services are valuable, especially when they don't have a sales background (and most EdTech founders don't!). Many of them are "product" people or used to be teachers. Understandably, they struggle to attract and turn leads into customers.

Sometimes, they end up stumbling through their pitch, leaving people confused about what they're offering. Others use long PowerPoint presentations that end up boring folks and costing them sales.

I've been there too. I used to have a tough time getting leads, booking sales calls, and getting clients when I started my tutoring and aftercare companies. I was that person - stumbling through, trying to explain why my service was the best, but it wasn't clear, and clients didn't buy. Until I learned a better way: something that makes selling easier without being pushy. Something that helps you clearly explain your value and have your ideal clients wanting to work with you.

Enter the Signature Solution.

1. What's a Signature Solution?

A signature solution is made up of three things. It speaks to a clear niche: stating who it serves and the problem it solves.

It’s a clear visual roadmap: showing step-by-step HOW you will take someone from where they are now to where they want to be (so they can SEE how they will get results)It’s based on your unique framework / method to get those results. In my case, specializing in education lead generation, my signature solution is a game-changer. It is a clear roadmap that shows my clients how to get leads on repeat. And it is based on my signature 3E method. PHASE ONE: EXCAVATE - This is all about digging deep to create solid foundations in your lead generation system. Together we get clear on who your ideal client is, how to boost your credibility and stand out from the crowd, and how to confidently start conversations and make connections with potential clients using our Raise Your Hand Formula.

PHASE TWO: ELEVATE - During the elevate stage, we focus on elevating your messaging so you're clearly communicating your value. This means packaging and presenting your services so they’re more desirable and easier to sell. And knowing exactly what to say in your targeted outreach, so you can easily connect with decision makers and book more sales calls. 

PHASE THREE: ENGINE - During this stage you’ll put everything together to establish a Lead Generation System and then optimize it. This includes setting up automated nurturing sequences, and using the three Success Amplifiers to increase authority and calls. Finally we look at Automation and Scaling to double and triple your leads and sales... while freeing up your time. My signature solution builds trust and credibility, making it very easy for my potential customers to choose me.There is nobody in the world that has a program that works directly with companies in education.There's nobody in the world that has a proven step by step formula the same as mine. And potential clients know that and trust me through my signature solution. You can have that too, when you create a signature solution for your products and services. 

2. Why You Need It: The PerksSo, why is having a Signature Solution such a game-changer for your business? Let's dig deep into the three pivotal elements that make up a Signature Solution and why they are the secret sauce to transforming the way you attract, communicate, and convert potential clients.

a. Speaking to a Clear Niche: A Magnetic Connection

Imagine you're the principal of a STEM school and you’re visiting a school supply fair. You spot a booth that proudly declares, "Interactive STEM Resources for Future Scientists." Your attention is immediately captured because you know they cater to schools that provide engaging STEM experiences. It is clear who they serve and how they help them. And this helps their stall to stand out at a busy fair.In the same way, your Signature Solution clearly states who you serve, and the problem you solve. In the dynamic world of EdTech, where choices abound, being crystal clear about your niche is your ticket to standing out. No more generic pitches or unclear messaging—your solution speaks directly to those who resonate with your mission.

b. A Clear Visual Roadmap: Guiding the Journey

Now, let's talk about the magic of a clear visual roadmap. Picture yourself planning a road trip. You wouldn't just hop in the car and hope to reach your destination without a map, right? Your client’s don’t want to either. In the realm of EdTech, educators and administrators often feel overwhelmed with choices. They don’t want to just hear some waffle promising them they’ll get a result. They want to see HOW you’ll help them achieve that. And your Signature Solution is that meticulously crafted map, outlining the journey from where your clients are now to where they want to be. You will be hitting all of the pain points and showing them an exact roadmap of how you plan to help them through A-Z.

Your Signature Solution's visual roadmap becomes their trusted guide, assuring them that you have a step-by-step plan. They can see the route laid out before them, fostering confidence and trust in your ability to deliver results.

c. Unique Framework/Method: Setting Yourself Apart

Just like a secret recipe that makes a dish extraordinary, your unique framework or method is the special ingredient that sets your Signature Solution apart. It's not just about promising results; it's about showcasing the distinct approach you bring to the table. And when you show it, people pay attention, because they have never seen anything like this before. It's showing them something new and important. This is helps you to stand out and makes you memorable. There is no one else in the world that has your ‘secret sauce’ And it’s not just about standing out for the sake of it; it's about becoming the go-to expert in your field. What’s more is that because you stand out (and people know exactly what you do) people are going to refer you to other principals, governing bodies, teachers, parents.

Remember: your method isn't just a process; it's a testament to your expertise and the thoughtful way you approach solving your clients’ challenges and getting them results.


3. How our clients are using their signature solution to generate more leads and sales (& even get more grants!)

Many of our clients are finding success using their signature solutions to get more leads and sales, and some are even getting extra funding through grants. Let me tell you about Rocket PD, an experienced education company. They joined our 12-week program called Ed Sales Elevation Experience. I was really impressed by how seriously the Rocket PD team followed each step of my signature solution. Despite facing challenges, they succeeded and made a clear and professional plan. Now, they share it every day with school leaders, showing how their special professional development approach helps teachers in many school districts.

And then there’s Troy from Entre Edie. She started using her signature solution when she applied for grants for her nonprofit. Usually, grant applications are repetitive, and reviewers see similar things. Troy changed the game by talking about her signature solution in about five or six minutes. It made a big difference for her, and she recently got a major grant to organize a conference on entrepreneurship.

Discovering the power of a signature solution has been game changing for me and my clients. And I know that if you create one, it will be a game-changer for you too! It gave me a clear way to show why my work was valuable. And my clients love using it because they don’t have to be “good at sales” to be successful in generating leads and getting clients – when they have a powerful signature solution. 

So if you’re ready to create a powerful signature solution and create a lead generation system that brings you high-quality, high-converting leads on repeat… then join the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors open to my signature 3E EdSales Elevation Experience Program. We’ll show you how to get 5-10 sales calls booked in your diary each week on repeat without pushy sales tactics! Just imagine what that could do for your business?!

Get on the waitlist to be the first to know and save $500 / get exclusive bonuses.



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