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P.S. Whenever you’re ready...

here are 4 ways I can help you grow your business:

Join our EdSales Elevation Program and get more leads and clients!

If you're booking less than 10 sales calls per month right now: I'm working with a few education companies and edtech founders for 8-weeks to help them build a lead generation system that gets them high-quality, high-converting leads so they can increase their revenue and generate consistent sales -- without ads, funnels or tech.

Let us handle your Lead Generation (so you can focus on CEO tasks!)

If you're looking to scale your lead generation and get back your time: I'm working with five Ed-preneurs and CEOs this month to automate and scale your lead generation system. We'll take lead generation off your plate and into our capable hands. Or we can partner with you and train your team to begin scaling their efforts.

Join The EdSales Elevation Community and connect with other education business owners...

Join us inside our FREE community, where smart education entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs,  and education company owners are networking and learning how to generate more leads, so they can grow their businesses fast and enjoy more income and impact!

Free 30 Min Growth Session

If you’re serious about building a lead generation system that brings you high-quality, high-converting leads and books sales calls into your calendar on repeat, then book a complimentary Growth Session with me. In just 30 minutes, we will get clear on what's holding you back, and we'll map out a step-by-step strategy you can follow to build your lead generation engine in just 90 days to have 5-10 sales calls booked in your diary each week.

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