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When Technology Falls Flat, Meet for Coffee

For nearly two years, we’ve been doing the majority of our work online. With Zoom, Slack, and all of the other apps we use on a daily basis, the need for in-person work has seemed to almost diminish.

That is, until technology falls flat.

Technology’s Place in Our Work

Technology is an incredible tool, and it’s carried millions of businesses to success. It can, and needs to be, used for several purposes:

  • Research potential connections and partnerships

  • Form business relationships and mentorships

  • Nurture existing partnerships and friendships

  • And so much more

But – one recent experience has reminded me that there is power in face-to-face meetings, too.

The Importance of Face-to-Face Coffee

I recently had coffee with an internet connection, David Bree — an accomplished businessman who has worked in several spaces around the world. We were introduced through a client of mine and we hit it off, talking and supporting each other’s business efforts virtually for quite some time.

When David mentioned that he’d be in my area – I decided to invite him to meet at an amazing local cafe.

We talked and laughed, sharing the highs and lows of the work we spend our time on. We built a stronger connection that is sure to support both of us personally and professionally as the years go on — even if our future talks continue to be technology-based.

So, even though the internet can connect us well, don’t forget the value of meeting face-to-face for a coffee. It may bring benefits you’ve completely forgotten during this virtually-focused time.



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