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Webinar Hosting — A New and Exciting Adventure

Did you have a chance to attend either of The Lifelong Educator Show’s live webinars recently? We hosted several experts in the areas of chess and coding who have brought their businesses online and found significant success. These panelists gathered an amazing audience, and I had so much fun interviewing each professional alongside my business partner Dotan.

Our Chess and Coding Panelists — Why They Stood Out

Our panelists weren’t just regular business owners. They were entrepreneurs who took a risk. When the world shut down, they brought their offerings online and grew significantly throughout the process.

They followed the changes brought about by the pandemic and listened to the needs of their customers and clients, providing access to high-quality education classes from the comfort of home for students across the globe.

The hybrid world isn’t going away anytime soon, and I’m proud of these individuals for stepping up to share their paths to success with other companies who would like to follow.

My Experience as a Host

Even though I had Dotan’s support along the way, as well as camaraderie in incredible panelists and audience members, hosting these webinars felt like quite the feat. I hadn’t done anything like this before, and the new ground was a bit shaky to start.

However, as soon as the conversation started to roll, I fell into my element. Who knows — hosting webinars may turn into my next favorite thing.

We’d love for you to listen along to the chess and coding recordings when you have a chance. Both shows are filled with valuable information for online teaching, and we’d love to hear what you think.

Also in the near future, we’ll be hosting similar events to cover all sorts of fields. We want to help all companies who are turning to online enrichment, so follow our journey for much more to come.



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