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Turning Red Lights Green

“Reach beyond your grasp. Have immortal finish lines and turn your red light green because a roof is a man-made thing.”

Celebrity memoir Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey was the book that the end of 2020 so desperately needed. Its heartwarming and motivational storyline was entertaining to follow, but more than anything else, its overall message centered around “green lights” was ready to change the paths of those who read it.

For me, the book changed my entire life.

It came to me at a time that was less than ideal in my business, and the perspective shift it offered led to incredible opportunities that continue to come in, even months after finishing that last page.

McConaughey explains the green light motivational symbol as an “affirmation to set yourself up for success,” and I can tell you firsthand that it’s capable of producing incredible results.

Some of my most meaningful green lights have included:

  • Impactful direction and growth in Flex Academies — Our work with Flex Tutors is supporting the comeback of students across the country as we move closer to in-person learning and “normal” life after COVID-19. Our social learning clubs and camps have been meeting together safely for top-notch enrichment since July. Our online programming kept kids happy and entertained during one of the most challenging changes of their lives — and we helped parents adjust to work-from-home life, too.

  • The opportunity to work with many incredible experts and entrepreneurs in the education space — Running two education companies successfully for more than ten years and supporting thousands of families throughout the process has led to the ability to help others with their marketing and branding efforts. Through, I’ll be following a passion of mine while supporting other entrepreneurs in the process. I’ve already begun the journey through my board member roles with Stronger Brains and WellUp, as well as my Senior Advisor positions for CollegeEye and Clickto.

  • Starting a podcast — More details are to come on this green light, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my voice while getting to know other entrepreneurs as we explore the positive side effects of “breakage.”

  • Becoming engaged — After 10 years spent happily with my wife, we’re overjoyed to be moving forward with a more official title and commitment together.

As the above sentiments share, Green Lights has made a significant impact on my life in more ways than one. It’s a book I truly can’t recommend enough.

What do green lights look like for you? Get ready to find your invisible obstacles and break them

down as you move closer to achieving your dreams. Afterall, “a roof is a man-made thing.”



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