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Putting Money Where My Mouth Is — Why I’m Financially Investing in My Clients’ Companies

When I sold Flex Academies and dove headfirst into working as a business coach, my intentions were to make a tangible difference in up-and-coming companies in the education space. I wanted to take the lessons I learned after building and selling two successful businesses and use them to help others to do the same.

One way I make sure my work is impactful is by choosing companies I truly believe in. This means that the clients I am currently working with are changing the education space for the better.

Some of the work these businesses are doing includes:

  • Supporting middle schoolers with college planning and exploration

  • Creating internet safety software that’s just as fun as it is educational

  • Giving students real money to teach financial literacy and civic engagement

These business owners are driven to expand and impact as many students as they can, and I’m proud to be along for the ride.

Just recently, I put my money where my mouth is by investing in FirstRoot, a company that is on a mission to introduce participatory budgeting to every school and every student. Their Net Capital campaign was an incredible success, reaching nearly half a million dollars. I’m proud to be a shareholder for FirstRoot, and I’m looking forward to witnessing their continued growth in the future.

I’m able to invest financially in my clients’ companies because I believe in what they do, and I know they’re capable of great success. I’m honored to play a role in their journey as they expand into the well-known, difference-making companies they’re meant to be.



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