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Podcast Part Three: Wrapping Up My Interview with Delbert McClinton

We’ve made it to the final episode of How I Broke That with Delbert McClinton, and what a joy the journey has been. Starting with Delbert’s upbringing and rise to fame, and moving onto his prime time experiences with Bruce Channel’s “Hey! Baby” and The Beatles was both intriguing and educational. Perhaps the most meaningful parts of this conversation, though, were when Delbert’s path crossed with breakage over the years.

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Divorces and Broken Hearts

Delbert was divorced two times before meeting the love of his life, Wendy. Both of these relationship breaks were necessary to get him to the incredible place he and his wife are in now. Delbert grew to know his worth through these losses and the love that came after — something he mentions every entrepreneur needs to master.

Heart Surgery Scares

Delbert McClinton didn’t only have broken hearts from love over the years — he had literal heart surgery as well. Somehow, this hardship lead to both added strength and an improved singing voice, proving that all types of breakage can bring benefits no matter how dismal they seem at the start.

Advice for Us All

Between every challenge Delbert McClinton shares, he touches on advice for others going through the same. Some of the lessons he brings up in the podcast include:

  • There is often as much pain as there is pleasure when pursuing a dream

  • The right friends, family, and life partners can add great support on your path to your success.

  • Above all else, be sure you know your own self-worth. Do your best to not doubt yourself along the way.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, there are lessons to learn from Delbert McClinton. Be sure to tune into the last episode to hear about his breaks and how they could benefit you as you work through challenges of your own.



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