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Learning the FLOW Business Approach with Lisa M.K. Ling

As I move forward with How I Broke That, I’m noticing that one of my favorite parts of the process is simply meeting my hosts and hearing their stories. My latest guest was Lisa M.K. Ling — a Human Potential Coach focusing on FLOW. I had an incredible time getting to know her more and learning about her mind, body, and spirit approach. Her thoughtful advice can guide us through breaking points and business ventures alike.

About Lisa M.K. Ling

Lisa has worn many hats over the years as she’s grown into the roles she’s meant for. Some of her current titles include:

  • Wife

  • Mother

  • World-class karate athlete

  • Lawyer

  • Author

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business owner

  • Health coach

  • Human potential coach

Her history includes growing up in Northern Canada near Alaska, where she states “there’s literally more bears than humans.” Her family had a heavy focus on martial arts, which provided Ling with the chance to learn how to work with her hands, head, and heart combined. Her high-pressure, world-class matches taught her to perform to her highest capacity at a very specific time.

Sounds a little like the entrepreneurial life, right?

Discovering FLOW

Lisa’s experiences as an athlete brought her to examine a mindful approach called “FLOW.” It’s a well-known state of being where you are completely alert and focused. You’re on the edge of your abilities, but you’re completely calm, focused, and enjoying the experience.

This requires intention and action, heart and mind — it brings a strong desire and a solid plan, creating a potential that can’t not get results.

Some of the concrete advice Lisa shares on the show include:

  • Rock bottom moments might just be our best opportunities.

  • The energy we bring to our work makes an impact.

  • We need to love what we do to fuel our missions and accomplish our highest achievements.

  • Slowing down allows us to go further, and faster, in the end.

How I Know Lisa

I actually know Lisa quite well, as she’s coaching me on FLOW for business purposes. I’m thankful for the viewpoints and skills she’s shared, and I’m looking forward to digging deeper into my creative potential as an entrepreneur as the weeks go on.

If you’re ready to learn more about flow, how to use it as a tool in your most broken moments, and how to leverage your mind, body, and spirit to further your entrepreneurial efforts, take some time to listen along to Lisa’s episode today. You can find the recording on Apple, Spotify, and Youtube — I can’t wait to hear what you think.



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