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Jamie Weeks on Pumping Up His Business Through Positive Energy and Quality People

School Of Life

Jamie Weeks comes from a family that prioritized hard work and giving to others. His father worked long, retail hours and his mother never allowed her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis to get in the way of her own happiness, or caring for the people she loved. As their only child, he learned early on the values that would inevitably lead to his wild success; but not without a few hurdles to overcome along the way.

Jamie never loved school; high school or college. But he made it through Huntingdon College on a golf scholarship thanks to the work ethic modeled by his own parents, his soft skills and common sense and moved on to earn his MBA from the University of Georgia. Jamie credits a good deal of his success to golf; the sport encouraged a slower pace and an emphasis on patience; both of which he has needed in his ascent to the top.

Mentors, Loss and Forging A New Way

From his first job at Wynlakes Golf and Club to the positions he held as a mutual plan wholesaler and his entry into entrepreneurship, Jamie’s had strong mentors in both business and in life to model the way. He names Brent Krause, Barry Mandinach and Jeff Cerutti as men who have strongly influenced his professional life, but it was the traumatic loss of his mother when he was 35 that initiated a wake-up call that would shift the trajectory of his career.

Jamie’s mother, “gave her whole life to others,” and he knew that hidden in that example somewhere was the key to his own happiness as well. He began to look deeper into how shaping culture and cultivating the caring of people above yourself could really offer a more fulfilling life than any accolades or successes he had pursued to date. What he found wasn’t all that surprising. The more he leaned into building life-long love and friendships, the better his businesses became as a by-product of the culture he created. Prioritizing others became a way of life- and the best way to do business.

An Attitude Of Gratitude

According to Jamie, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who could out-hustle him. So far, he’s proven that to be true. He has used his experience as an Executive Director at UBS Global Asset Management and his prior position as the Senior VP at Morgan Stanley’s Southeastern Wealth Management Group to pave the way from being an employee to an entrepreneurial leader. Jamie is currently the Executive Chairman and Founder of Honors Holdings; the largest franchisee for OrangeTheory Fitness studios across the globe with over 50 locations in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington, Oregon and the U.K. He is also Executive Chairman and Founder of Legacy Franchise Concepts; a Dogtopia Franchisee and Franchisor for SweatHouz Infrared Sauna Studios. His commitment to the cultivation of positive work culture, caring for others and penchant for calculated risks are his calling cards for success; and starting each day with gratitude is what gives him the fuel to stay the course; in business, golf and life.



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