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Interviewing Delbert McClinton Part Two: “Hey! Baby,” Bruce Channel, and The Beatles

Part two of my interview with Delbert McClinton has officially launched, and no matter where your musical preferences lie, it’s a recording you won’t want to miss. It dives into Delbert’s rise to fame, including his role in Bruce Channel’s top hit, “Hey! Baby,” as well as his tour with the Beatles and experiences hanging around town with John Lennon himself.

Hey Baby and Bruce Channel

Perhaps Delbert’s most well-known piece is his lead harmonica tune in this top song. If the title doesn't bring the melody to your mind, listen here. It’s a song we’ve all heard —and likely enjoyed— in one place or another. And Delbert’s smooth, catchy notes played a big part in its three-week hold at the top of the pop chart.

After performing and recording the song together, Bruce Channel and Delbert McClinton became friends and set out on a life and career-changing England tour.

Touring with the Beatles

That England tour happened to be with none other than the Beatles in their early years. They had already won the hearts of much of Europe, but their success in the states was yet to come. Throughout the tour, Delbert had a list of incredible experiences:

  • Spending a night on the town with the Beatles crew

  • Teaching John Lennon harmonica tricks

  • Living the rock star life with packed shows and overbearing fans

  • And more

There’s no question these experiences shaped the incredible musician that McClinton went on to become. And there are plenty of details left to be heard in each of these stories, too. Tune into How I Broke That’s latest episode to hear more, and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there. More episodes on Delbert and other awesome breakers are in the works.

You can find Delbert Part 2 on:

Happy listening, and don’t forget to let me know what you think!



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