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How I Broke That's Trailer is Live

I’ve been talking about this upcoming podcast for a while now, and it’s finally time to take a listen. The two-minute introductory trailer for How I Broke That is live and ready for you to hear.

About the Introduction

This short clip is a quick glimpse into what my show is going to be about. It’s made to grow anticipation, sharing small details of what’s to come in the HIBT space. It talks briefly about my experience with breakage, the type of guests we’ll be hosting, and the lessons we hope to learn throughout the process.

You can listen for yourself here.

Coming Up on How I Broke That

Our two-minute trailer is just the beginning. We have our first two guests lined up, and we’re looking forward to hearing their incredible stories play out on the show.

Our first episode will feature Arianna Davis, author of the incredible “What Would Frida Do?” This book not only covers a strong woman who broke numerous societal norms (Frida Kahlo), but Davis’s unique and powerful writing format breaks conventionality, too.

I’m looking forward to hearing about how Davis wrote this book, as well as the activism, fearlessness, and rule-breaking she portrays. We may even learn about her own breakage that led to the book’s initiation as well.

Our second podcast will feature John Gamba, an entrepreneur who is not just my mentor, but an industry breaker in the entrepreneurial space as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about his achievements and the paths he took to get there.

So, take a listen to the two-minute trailer to get your first glimpse into the How I Broke That podcast. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well as any ideas you may have on who our next few phenomenal guests should be. Feel free to check out our new podcast page on to learn more about the show, too. We’re more than ready to dive deep into breakage and all of the entrepreneurial and business benefits it’s capable of bringing.



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