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Introducing "How I Broke That"

In my last blog post, I mentioned that one of my most recent “green lights” has been starting a podcast.

So, why a podcast? The field is filled with incredible competition — including the great Matthew McConaughey himself. I hope that with my degree in Broadcast Journalism and years of television work, I’ll be set to create high-quality, useful content for listeners from the start. Recently, I’ve appeared on live television to support parents and kids alike through online enrichment tips, virtual summer camp options, and Flex One’s educational programming.

With these experiences along with my passion for sharing incredible stories and pieces of advice, I hope my creations are qualified to join the likes of Mr. McConaghey.

“How I Broke That”

As the title above explains, my podcast will be all about breakage. Breaking typically gets a bad connotation, but it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, in business as well as in general life, breakage is to be expected. In fact, it’s completely okay to break something, even yourself, if the experience leads to something better.

On the show, I’ll spend my time interviewing other entrepreneurs who’ve broken things in the past. Maybe they’ve broken their business, maybe they’ve unfortunately broken a marriage, or maybe they’ve broken an entire industry. We’ll dive into the details of the experience and the type of growth that occurred as a result.

In short, we’ll work to change the negative stereotype that breakage often receives, and shine light on the good that comes from it instead.

The Reasons Behind It

Why a podcast, specifically? This form of content comes with many benefits, and those that I find myself relating closest to include:

Supporting Others

As I mentioned above, my podcasts will take the form of interviews with other entrepreneurs. I’ll provide a platform for these incredible colleagues to share their story, giving them exposure opportunities they may not have had otherwise. I’ll be able to help them grow their reach while they allow their stories to impact the lives and businesses of our followers.

Building Connections

Through these interviews, I’ll not only support other entrepreneurs but have the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level as well. I’ll meet smart, successful individuals who will surely have knowledge to share with me in more ways than one. I’ll make meaningful connections that impact my life on and off the air. The personal connections I’ll be able to create with my audience are an added bonus as well.

Personal Growth

While supporting others, I’ll be supporting myself. I’ll be working on a project I thoroughly enjoy while learning and growing professionally at the same time. The connections I make and the stories I hear will play a role in how my business functions as time goes on.

So, even if everyone is starting a podcast these days, mine is built to make a difference. It’s content that will support myself, my colleagues, and my listeners, and I can’t wait to see the results it brings in.



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