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From City Buses to Symphonies — Gil Gutierrez’s Guitarist Success

How I Broke That’s latest guest comes from San Miguel De Allende — though he’s well-known in music communities around the world. Gil Gutirrez built a successful guitarist career from talent and determination alone. And his inspiring, breakage-filled story is outlined below.

Gil Gutierrez Growing Up

Gil grew up in a humble home. He went to a music school where he wanted to play the cello, but purchasing such a high-end instrument was out of the family budget. So his brother gifted him a guitar and the rest was history.

Gil quickly fell in love with the melodies he could create with his six strings. As a young teen, he found himself playing in local restaurants, and later on in adolescence, he paid his way through college from city bus performance tips.

He didn’t have a role model to follow on his path to music success. In fact, when he told friends and family about his musical endeavors, they would respond by asking what his “real job” was.

Finding International Music Success

Thankfully, humble beginnings and a lack of support couldn’t hold Gil back. He was discovered by music legend Doc Severinson early on. He went on to play in orchestras and symphonies all around the world — Minnesota, Florida, and Carnegie Hall to name a few.

Today, Gil continues to tour the US, Mexico, and Canada with his mix of Cuban, Mexican, opera, jazz, and Flamenco tunes.

Advice for Other Breakers from Gil’s Point of View

As mentioned above, Gil Gutierrez overcame plenty of obstacles on his path to music success. His journey provided him with wisdom that aspiring musicians —or entrepreneurs in any field— can benefit from. Some of the main points he shared on our podcast included:

  • Follow your dreams.

  • Never lose your direction.

  • Trust your gut.

  • And don’t listen to bullshit.

All in all, Gil Gutierrez is an amazing musician with an even more impressive background. He’s inspirational, to say the least, and his story is one that you won’t want to miss.

You can find Gil’s episode of How I Broke that on:

Take a listen on your preferred platform and let us know what you think!



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