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Frida Broke Things, Too

As we dive into the world of breakage and how it can grow our businesses, it’s important to study the greats who’ve gone before us. If you haven’t noticed, many of them have broken things, too.

Frida Kahlo, for example, is someone who lived to break boldly — and her legacy will continue on forever because of it.

I recently finished an incredible book by author Arianna Davis, another individual who decided to step outside of conventionality by completely shattering the typical book writing approach and challenging many norms society has set in stone today. What Would Frida Do?, a guidebook on the most-famous Mexican painter’s life, portrays the hardships, heartbreaks, and experiences that turned Kahlo into a courageous, daring woman that history will never forget. It explains Frida’s life while simultaneously encouraging readers to live with that same fire for who they truly are — no matter what the rest of the world has to say about it.

What Frida Broke

If you aren’t familiar with Frida Kahlo’s life, the book provides an excellent overview. It goes into the details of Kahlo’s marriage, divorce, miscarriages, health struggles, injuries, countless surgeries, and more. In the early 20th century in Mexico, the majority of these were forbidden topics to speak about. Frida took things a step further by not only sharing, but painting her pain in a way that women around the world could understand.

How Arianna Davis Made Frida’s Story Stand Out

The author of What Would Frida Do?, Arianna Davis, had learned about Frida Kahlo multiple times — she didn’t need to write another book to outline the life of this incredible woman.

Instead, she created a guide to help us live the same way Frida did.

Her book promotes activism, bravery, perseverance, uniqueness, fearlessness, and so much more. Each page takes Frida’s life and brings it into 21st century context, letting us all take away a lesson or two on living more boldly than ever before.

Frida Kahlo will always be an artist and world-changer worth looking up to. Arianna Davis is worth learning from, too. The way she broke the contemporary writing style to portray Frida’s essence is nothing short of incredible, and I’d love to learn more about her creative motions by having her as a guest on my podcast someday.

Here’s to breakage of all kinds — the incredible artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have broken things before us and the ones who continue to do so in today’s time. May we learn from their innovations, challenges, and successes as we move forward in a world of breakage ourselves.



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