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Erin Dowd: Learning to Love Stories | Sowing Seeds Early in Life

A fantastic time spent talking with Erin Dowd and how she found her true calling in life! Erin comes from a family of educators, and she always looked up to her father and grandfather as mentors. They were more than just mentors; they were the key to unlocking her true potential. Erin's father, a master storyteller, weaved enchanting tales that made learning fun and relatable.

And let's not forget her mother's father, a true champion of education and a trailblazer during the challenging times of segregation. He was all about building bridges, pushing boundaries, and doing things in the classroom that no other teachers were doing. With the seeds of curiosity planted early in Erin's life, she discovered a passion for education and ignited her own passion for making a difference in the lives of students.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Every student has their own unique take on teachers - some are unforgettable, while others fade away like yesterday's homework. A great teacher can work some real magic. They're like undercover superstars, sussing out what each child needs and who they are, so they can meet each individual right where they are and ignite their personal passions.

Throughout the years that Erin spent doing what she loved most, it became more and more apparent that the education system was becoming toxic. Erin goes on to explain how educators are constantly training, spending excessive time and money getting master’s degrees, and jumping through certification hoops like circus performers.

Eventually, she hit her breaking point and chose to take a few years off to recover.

During her time away from the school system, she dove into many hobbies and side hustles while traveling to places like Turkey, India, Honduras, and more. She let herself explore and considered being a travel writer, even setting up a blog while living it up in Thailand.



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