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Delbert McClinton: The Breaker

I recently shared a blog post about Delbert McClinton’s biography — touching on all of the wonderful aspects his life has entailed. Now, I’m thrilled to share that we’ve secured McClinton as a guest on our show, How I Broke That.

McClinton’s Experience With Breakage

McClinton’s book touched on several experiences with breakage. Most notably, perhaps, is the way he broke racial barriers in the music industry. His rise to fame occurred during a time when segregated bars and clubs were common occurrences.

Delbert didn’t care if his show mates were black or white. He cared about their talent and who they were as a person. He played at the clubs he liked and with the people he respected — no matter what they looked like or what society thought of his choice.

Other areas McClinton has broken include:

  • Breakage within himself through alcohol addiction

  • A broken marriage

  • Broken music norms with a “rags to riches” storyline and multiple genres of great success

What We Hope to Learn About Delbert McClinton on How I Break That

We know there are plenty of inspirational points to be shared when we speak with Delbert himself. We hope to learn how he overcame the challenges he faced in his personal life and the effects these events had on his music business.

We’d love to dive into his journey of breaking music industry standards, as he has hits in Blues, Country, and Rock and Roll.

We want to hear how he broke the norm by rising from the bottom to the top as well. How did he make his dreams happen when he had such humble beginnings? How did he go from a young boy amazed by a live square dancing band to opening for one of the world’s most recognizable bands — The Beatles?

We’ll touch on all of this and more when Delbert’s episode of How I Broke That comes along. We can’t wait for you to hear his stories and inspirational advice alongside us as well.



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