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Chutzpah and Incredible Israeli Entrepreneurs

For me, books are a source of not only knowledge, but also motivation and guidance toward entrepreneurial success. My latest read was Chutzpah, by Inbal Arieli. Not only did this book make a difference in my life, I got to experience exactly what it speaks about at a conference I recently attended as well.

Chutzpah: Why Israel Is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Israel is a small country, but it produces the highest concentration of successful startups in the world. How is this possible?

Some credit Jewish traditions of study and knowledge, while others state it is due to the Israeli military and their impressive technological advances, but Arieli disagrees.

The author of this book states that Israeli success in the business world is due to the country’s culture and how its citizens are raised.

Israel respects chutzpah — a high level of audacity or extreme self-confidence.

This teaching leads to:

  • Creative thinking

  • Respected risk-taking

  • Innovation

  • Independence

  • Problem solving

  • And more

Possibly most notably, chutzpah gives its students the ability to react to life’s unexpected circumstances in creative, difference-making ways — a skill that’s absolutely essential in entrepreneurial success.

My Experience at ASU + GSV

While attending ASU + GSV this year, I had the chance to witness chutzpah firsthand. I was incredibly impressed by each and every Israeli speaker and attendee.

These entrepreneurs had an astounding level of dedication to their work and support for one another. They welcomed me into their conversations, treating me well and sharing tips for success with me along the way.

After having visited Israel with my wife in the past, being welcomed into the Israeli business culture with my partners at Clickto, reading Chutzpah, and meeting Israeli leaders at ASU + GSV, I’ve found a deep appreciation for the culture that produces significant startup success in Israel. I hope to pick up on more and more pieces of chutzpah as I continue down my own journey of entrepreneurship as well.



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