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Bringing Others Up: About Thimble and My Belief in Business Investments

I recently published a blog on why I invest in my clients’ companies — specifically FirstRoot, a financial literacy and civic engagement company I’ve been working with for some time.

I wanted to share that I not only invest in client companies, but other businesses I believe in, too. I just made a contribution to Thimble, for example, a company that brings robotics kits and live STEM classes to schools.

About Thimble

Thimble’s mission is to bring coding to the hands of every student. With our world driving deeper into technology each day, this skill is essential — and eye-opening to a variety of career fields for the future.

Thimble easily stands out from other STEM learning kits:

  • Thimble includes live and on-demand classes to ensure students are able to use their tools to the fullest, no matter their access (or lack thereof) to experienced tech teachers.

  • They’ve already reached 20,000 students in all 50 states, as well as 30 different countries

  • They partner with large, difference-making organizations such as, Boys and Girls Club, and Smithsonian

They also go beyond sharing STEM skills to addressing education issues head-on:

  • They aim to bring technology education to girls, special needs students, and students of color

  • They’re solving the proven coding gap in American schools

About Investments

With the impressive feats mentioned above, it’s probably pretty easy to see why I invested in Thimble. I’m also close to the CEO, Oscar Pedroso, who happens to be one of the nicest people I know.

I believe that everyone should invest in companies they believe in, with missions close to their hearts, and especially from people they know and love. No matter how large or small the amount, the act of giving can excel others’ business growth and motivate you in your own passions, too.


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