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Brian Beers on Resilience, Support and Building a Community

Brian Beers isn’t a stranger to adversity. A childhood accident resulting in two broken legs instilled in him lessons of determination and positive thinking; qualities he uses regularly as an owner of 30 Midas franchises. In this episode, Brian gives us the details of how experiencing trauma so young shaped his perspective and provides insight and advice that every entrepreneur (new or seasoned) should hear concerning the qualities, support and the culture building required for ultimate success.

The Qualities Every Entrepreneur Needs

Brian learned the art of resilience young and credits his ability to take the punches for some of his successes. There are so many unknowns in the world of entrepreneurship. The risks are great. But Brian told us that if you take misfortunes such as losing employees or getting sued to heart, it’ll only bring more stress onto yourself. According to Brian, you have to go into it knowing you’re going to encounter challenges but you’ll figure them out as you go. Surround yourself with a support system of people you can go to in order to ask for help. The most important thing to remember, however, is to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation?” It has the ability to turn every circumstance into a positive when you take a posture of learning.

Like Father, Like Son: Consistency and Alignment

The Midas franchises were a family business, beginning with Brian’s Father and Uncle. After learning from them, Brian officially joined the ranks in 2010 followed by his older brother. They are now partners, having grown from 12 stores to 30 together. When asked if it was difficult to work with family, Brian pointed out the reasons why it has worked so well for them.

Misalignment is what causes conflict, so the brothers ensure that they are in sync in their management and communication. It helps that they have countering skill sets, with each of them bringing something a little different to the table. They check in with each other on a weekly basis to review their joint project list to re-evaluate.

A Positive Culture Builds Community

Brian credits the wide-spread Midas success to something he’s incredibly passionate about: creating a positive work culture and community. He seeks out people specifically who are driven, motivated by success, accountable, organized and team players and weeds out the players who aren’t aligned with their core values. He also places a great emphasis on the communication between the stores. He conducts SLACK threads where employees can share and celebrate successes across store locations in addition to hosting Zoom meetings with top-performing employees for the sharing of best practices. The proof is in the numbers, as he regularly sees a 30-40% increase in sales due to positive culture and communication.

If you would like to know more about Brian’s personal story, about whether or not owning a franchise should be your next business move and why community building is the greatest investment you can make as an owner, listen to the complete episode.



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