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Breaking Radio, Real Estate, Restaurants and More with Mark Bucher

Mark Bucher is a DC difference maker with a history in radio, real estate, reforming restaurants, and even feeding the hungry throughout the pandemic. He and I attended the same undergraduate university (American University) and we were in the same fraternity (Phi Sigma Kappa), so it was even more meaningful than normal to host him as a guest on How I Broke That.

About Mark Bucher

Mark Bucher started his career in radio in his early years, funnily enough, while his parents thought he was working at a shoe store. He loved being on air and learned countless skills he still uses today in this role (especially in his role with Taste of the NFL).

After radio, Mark dove into real estate headfirst. He closed hundreds of big-name deals in just a few years’ time — enough to scale into consulting as his next career of choice.

Bucher’s real success came when he began founding businesses of his own. The Burger Joint, a simple spot focused on tasty food and a fun atmosphere, opened in 2007 with a line that wrapped around the block. It sold in 2015, though Bucher’s burger recipe continues to carry in Best Burger awards at running locations across the country. His next restaurant, Medium Rare Steak Frites, is still aweing DC eaters today. Their mantra may share some insight into what it’s like to eat there — “One Price. One Item. How would you like your steak cooked?”

After these eatery successes, Bucher shared his knowledge with other restaurants, serving as a board member and reimagining spots that need updates in style, cleanliness, menus, marketing, and more. Think of the show Restaurant Nightmares in real life, and you’ll have a perfect picture of Mark’s role here/

Perhaps the most incredible part of Bucher’s career, though, came along with the pandemic, when he began an innovative mission called Feed the Fridge. He works to place fridges around the DC metro area and pays local restaurants to fill them — helping hungry community members and supporting local businesses at the same time.

Mark’s Appearance on How I Broke That

On the latest episode of How I Broke That, Mark and I dive into all of this and more. He talks about each stage of his career path, the challenges he faced along the way, and the advice he has for others who are looking to do the same.

If you’d like to listen along, you can find the full show at the following links:

Listen along and let me know what you think. I’m confident that everyone can learn a thing or two from this incredible guest’s podcast appearance!



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