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Want more leads and sales?

EdTech Founders and Education Companies:


Transform your LinkedIn Profile from a resume into a Sales Funnel


February 20, 2024 at 12 PM ET

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PLUS: when you join LIVE - you’ll get your hands on my “LinkedIn Profile Checklist” just for showing up!

How to elevate your LinkedIn profile and transform it from a mere CV to a robust Sales Funnel. 

Learn how to stand out online and attract your ideal clients, so you don’t get lost in a sea of profiles that all sound the same…

Use this one critical feature to have your ideal clients knowing exactly how you can help them in under 10s.

Instantly boost your credibility and become a go-to leader in your niche within the education space.


This practical checklist will share a step-by-step process to optimize your LinkedIn profile effectively. Ensuring that you can implement the strategies effortlessly and witness the transformation of your LinkedIn profile into a lead-generating powerhouse.

Discover how to get more high-quality leads to accept your connection requests… 

And discover the 3E formula to build a lead generation system that books 3-5 sales calls in your diary each week… 

An immersive workshop experience, guided by Josh Chernikoff, to transform your online presence and position yourself as a standout on LinkedIn.

About Josh

Hey I'm Josh,


I've started, scaled and sold two education companies and I help EdTech Founders and Education companies to set up lead generation engines that bring in high-quality leads on repeat.

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Don't just take my word for it... Hear what my clients are saying


Brent Newton



"I met Josh at an online event a couple of years ago and was immediately impressed with him and his ideas around education. I've been looking for the right program to help take my edtech startup to the next level, and when Josh launched his EdSales Elevation Experience cohort, I knew I had to be a part of it. And from the minute the program began, I knew it was the right choice. The program started paying dividends literally from the first five minutes of our first call when Josh had us focus on who our ideal client was, and it completely changed how I approached my business. And the dividends just don't stop: being surrounded by a group of driven and like-minded education entrepreneurs; being taught the importance of and steps to take to improve our social media footprint; being given a roadmap to create and master a lead generation system that is repeatable; and just, in general, a huge confidence boost that every startup founder needs. A fantastic program every edtech founder should join."

"Thank you again for all the learning material you've provided. Every lesson had real-world value embedded within it, short to the point, and easy to take immediate + game-changing action. My brand positioning and the LinkedIn page have dramatically improved in only the first few sessions, as has my confidence and clarity on my ability to generate leads.


This program delivers targeted, high-impact training for me and my team and helps me follow through on my decision to level up and scale my ed-business. It's challenging me as a founder, to think differently, while giving me a functional system we can use and a trusted community of education entrepreneurs who share similar business growth vision. I can't wait to reach our next level - I know we're on track and can see it.


Just - thank you! Confidence, skills, value - this program has it all. 🙏"


Rose Hastreiter

CEO & Founder

Leonty3C Professional Development and HG Learning Solutions

I want to join the workshop!

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