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How I Broke That

A Podcast for People Who’ve Broken Things in the Past.

And a place filled with stories of the incredible entrepreneurial growth that occurred as a result. Join us as we dive into breakage through a business lens. You might even gain the motivation to completely shatter something

 for the better yourself.


The How I Broke That Podcast

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Josh Chernikoff & John Gamba

The Guests

Arianna Davis
John Gamba
Delbert McClinton

Arianna Davis

Author of the best-selling book,

“What Would Frida Do?”

John Gamba

A serial entrepreneur dedicated to transforming education

Delbert McClinton

Longstanding musician holding 4 Grammys and several chart hits in Blues, Rock, Country, and Pop.

Delbert McClinton
Delbert McClinton
Lisa MK Ling

Delbert McClinton - Part 2

Delbert McClinton’s rise to fame, including the infamous harmonica tune in Bruce Channel’s “Hey! Baby” and a tour across England with The Beatles.

Mark Bucher

Delbert McClinton - Part 3

A discussion of Delbert’s lifelong challenges, from broken hearts to health concerns, as well as advice for entrepreneurs going through tests of their own.

Lisa MK Ling

Human potential coach, author, and world-class karate athlete who approaches business life with a mind, body, and spirit approach.

Gil Gutierrez
Meredith Wiedemer

Mark Bucher

Gil Gutierrez

Meredith Wiedemer

From radio and real estate to the restaurant industry and feeding the hungry, Mark Bucher has made an impact everywhere he's been.

Gil Gutierrez grow up in a humble home, where he wanted to learn cello but was gifted a guitar instead. His creativity and motivation couldn't be stopped by small bumps in the road.

Meredith Wiedemer's professional focus shifted toward providing relief and helping meet the needs of displaced individuals fleeing from Ukraine.

Image by Jon Tyson

Ask to join our podcast

Michel Eberhardt

Michel Eberhardt has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship – 25 years of brilliance and breaks. AND, that includes funding the largest restaurant delivery operation in South America, as well as an investor and board member of Inmetrics - one of the leading IT performance companies in South America.

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Meet Your Host


Josh Chernikoff

“After all, breakage isn’t always bad. In fact, breaking things, including yourself, is completely okay when the experience leads to something better.”

Hi, I’m Joshua Chernikoff. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner who has founded and sold two education businesses in the past. I currently spend my time supporting our nation’s post-pandemic educational comeback through the founding of Flex Tutors and the coaching of multiple companies in the education space. I’ve experienced the positive effects of breakage myself, and I’m looking forward to learning from others who’ve grown from their most challenging moments as well.


How I Broke That came to be after host Josh Chernikoff experienced significant breakage himself, and witnessed his business excel because of it. Chernikoff became intrigued by how events that may seem unfortunate at the time can actually turn into entrepreneurial success. For the detail-filled description, take in our introductory blog post here.

The Story Behind How I Broke That

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